Automobilindustrie - Eisele Anwendung

Fail-safe and fully automatic production

Automation components for automotive production have special requirements for reliability and robustness. The most important process media here are compressed air and coolant, which have to be supplied without fail to welding, assembly and painting robots. Only high-quality metal connection components are used for this demanding application. The Eisele BASICLINE offers the largest available assortment of threaded connections, push-in connectors, quick-release connectors, functional threaded joints and accessories for compressed air supply. The LIQUIDLINE is available for the distribution of coolant. Products of the MULTILINE are used for connection of multiple media lines by means of a single multiple connector. For painting robots we can recommend the 1600 series from the Eisele INOXLINE. Manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301/07, it was specially adapted for use with paints and has been proven over ten years of practical application.


Eisele Steckanschlüsse - Basicline