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Eisele employees in the USA

Eisele would like to open new horizons for the employees at the company headquarters in Waiblingen. To begin with, the company sent the young sales employee Louis Klöpfer to the USA for six months, where he actively participated in the processes at the company location in Michigan.

With an exchange program at international level Eisele offers in particular young employees the opportunity to become acquainted with processes, work methods, trade fairs, and of course also the customers of their American colleagues, to benefit from their experience and to contribute their own expertise to the team there from the ERP system to customer visits. “What I personally like very much is the excitement of US companies in our products,” says Louis Klöpfer. “It is also simply exciting to develop additional markets in a country where we are not as well known as in Germany.” Louis Klöpfer successfully completed his training as an industrial clerk at Eisele about a year ago. During his stay in the USA he was able not only to improve his business English, but also to contribute his knowledge of the internal processes at the German parent company in order to speed up projects. It also gave him the opportunity to contribute his experience in dealing with customers, to support his American colleagues and help them generate new customers. In return, new Eisele employees in the USA will also be sent to the headquarters in Waiblingen to become familiar with the company’s processes and to gain experience.