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Eisele successfully sold to HENN Group

After a long and very intensive investor process, the the Austrian HENN Group acquired Eisele's business operations and the US subsidiary Eisele Connectors Inc., thereby ensuring the company's future viability.

Eisele location in Waiblingen

The takeover by the HENN Group, which is also active in the field of connection technology, ensures the future of Eisele and brings around 100 jobs at our site in Waiblingen, Germany. With the HENN Group, we have a strong partner who enables us to retain the company's know-how and combine it with the expertise of the HENN Group. The mutual complementation enables both Eisele and the HENN Group to gain a foothold in new industries and markets and thus to set up the company in a long-term and stable manner for the future.

The acquisition of the company ensures that the operational business as well as the location in Waiblingen will be maintained. This means that we can continue to guarantee that our high-quality products can be delivered and your orders can be placed as usual. For the time being, our customers do not have to make any changes to the usual processes such as orders, master data, payment processes, etc.

The sale of the company is currently still subject to the condition that the company headquarters in Lise-Meitner-Straße in Waiblingen will also be sold. With the completion of the real estate sale, the business operations of Eisele can be transferred as of March 1st and continued by the HENN Group. As soon as this transfer has been completed, we will contact you in order to coordinate any necessary adjustments together.

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