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Move faster from design idea to hand sample and functional sample

The investment in an SLA printer will henceforth shorten the time-to-market periods of custom connection technology substantially. From now on, Eisele GmbH will have the ability to realise hand samples, functional samples, initial prototypes within a very short time.

Specialising in connection components, Eisele engineers tailor-made custom solutions for nearly any type of application in addition to conventional components. These solutions have come to total 2,000 in the product range.
The new acquisition now puts the machine and plant engineers at Eisele in a position to print out their custom-designed connectors as polymer 3D samples and adjust them to the application parameters prior to production. In some areas, the new printing method based on thermosetting polymers even allows for the swift production of functional samples. This is of particular benefit for those customers who wish to integrate their custom-made connection components designed by Eisele into a machine or component for initial testing. Strong case: Samples printed on the Caligma 200 boast a surface quality of verifiable excellence that is guaranteed to lead to exceptional sealing results. 
In this way, ideas and developments become tangible at an early stage and enable rapid decision-making for the series production of products.
Through the 3D printer, we enable a rapid implementation of theory into practice.

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