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Recent news about the MULTILINE E multi-media connector from Eisele

With the MULTILINE E Eisele offers a unique modular kit system for individually configurable multiple and multi-media connections. A practical locking lever and the M12 power plug for power electronics expand the applications of the modular kit system for multi-media connectors and offer optimal potentials for supplying industrial robots.

MULTILINE E multi-media connector from Eisele

Modular kit system for individually configurable multiple and multi-media connections
The MULTILINE E series is an innovative modular kit system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolant, liquids, electrical wiring and electronics in one connector body. With the MULTILINE E Eisele is setting standards for tool and format changes in industrial machines and robots. The perfectly compatible modular design allows flexible integration of different tube diameters, connection types and media in one multiple connector.

Optimised manual actuation and electrical design
Eisele with headquarter in Waiblingen, Germany, now offers multiple and multi-media connectors for the MULTILINE E with a practical locking lever that makes it possible to connect and disconnect supply lines within seconds. This quick-change system requires less manual force, making it very convenient to operate a MULTLINE E multiple connector that is completely equipped with drip-free adaptive inserts.

Connecting under pressure
The drip-free sealing adaptive inserts enable connection and disconnection of liquids and can be combined with the new M12 power plug for power electronics, in a single connector. The M12 power plug is designed for supplying voltages up to 630 V. It is the smallest and most compact connector on the market for cables with wires up to 2.5 mm2. The adaptive insert with up to five power contacts provides up to 16 A per pin and is reverse polarity protected, shockproof and vibration-proof. In the development of the M12 power plug, special attention was paid to the safety aspects as well as to the housing which was manufactured of high-quality plastic. In addition, moulded wires provide an effective seal and protect the plug against impurities.