Secure, compact and durable compressed air distributors

The brass, aluminum or stainless steel distributor blocks combine complex pneumatic circuits and distributions in one robust assembly and can be combined with virtually all Eisele fittings.

On request, Eisele also offers these components already equipped, which significantly reduces installation costs to the user. For the individual and compact implementation of pneumatic distributions and pneumatic circuits Eisele offers numerous distributor blocks and distributor strips.

On request we can also manufacture custom versions. Threads, location and number of outputs, additional bores and the air channels can be configured individually.


The diverse line of accessories for shut-off, control and safe operation of your pneumatic installation

  • Temperature: -10 to +70 °C
  • Working pressure: -0.95 to +16 bar
  • Media: Air
  • Equipped distributors for reduced costs; available in a wide range of materials and equipment
  • Material: Brass, aluminum or stainless steel


Individual installation and handling depending on the component and application

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Our product catalogue provides everything you need to know about the products of Series 1900 and the BASICLINE.

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Individual and compact implementation of pneumatic distributions and pneumatic circuits.

We also manufacture

We deliver more than just our catalogue items. We also develop alternative custom solutions for your application. Do you need other materials, custom connection combinations, small sizes, special dimensions, custom combinations or special accessories? We advise you personally. Around 2,000 special custom solutions that have already been added to Eisele’s regular product line speak for themselves.

Ask us. We will find a solution for your connection!