EISELE connection components

For decades Eisele has been developing high-quality connection components of solid metal.

We offer around 5,000 catalogue items and 2,000 special custom solutions, 100% made in Germany.

We will find the right solution for your connection.

Our products



The best way to prevent the shortage of skilled personnel is to train new talent in time. That is why Eisele offers apprenticeships every year for industrial sales representatives, precision mechanics...

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Leaks in coolant tubes not only cause pressure losses, but also downtimes and even damage to production facilities. The tubes must therefore always be able to withstand the respective operating...

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Eisele has once again passed the certification process according to Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 with flying colours.

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Areas of application

The applications for our connection components are virtually unlimited.

We will be glad to advise you.

A small selection of the most important industries and sectors.

Filling technology
Automotive construction
Electrical engineering
Painting applications
Food production
Mechanical engineering
Assembly and handling
Pharmaceutical industry
Robot applications
Welding processes