Connecting up to ten process media with one single click - Eisele's Multiline E

There are numerous multiple connectors on the market, but none is like Eisele's MULTILINE E. Our spot illustrates the special advantages of this modular kit system for multiple connectors and multiple media connectors. With the MULTILINE E you are able to connect data, compressed air, gases, liquids and electrical connections with one single click.


What makes the MULTILINE E special?

Andreas Hanck of Eisele and Michael Dietrich of Murrelektronik discuss the functions and the possible configurations of the Eisele MULTILINE E in this video at FachPack 2016. Michael Dietrich describes the opportunities resulting from the use of this versatile modular kit system for the automation and mechanical engineering sector.


The Packaging Excellence Center

Markus Höfliger is CEO of the Packaging Excellence Center (PEC). At the PEC joint stand at FachPack 2016 he explains in this short video clip the responsibilities and activities of the PEC for cross-company cooperation in the automation and packaging machine sector. The PEC is a technical competence center that provides its member companies with a neutral network for business development within the sector. Eisele has been a member of the PEC since 1 July 2016

The exchangeable unit from Eisele

At FachPack 2016 in Nuremberg Eisele Area Sales Manager Andreas Hanck presented the new exchangeable unit for supplying robots. It is based on the MULTILINE E, which can be freely configured with connections for bus systems, control technology and electrical power supply. It is also possible to integrate connectors for the pneumatic system and the supply of liquids. Andreas Hanck explains in this video the capabilities and advantages of the system.


Eisele’s system partner Murrelektronik

Michael Dietrich, Head of Business Development at Murrelektronik, used FachPack 2016 as an opportunity to present his company and the development cooperation with Eisele and to provide an outlook on the further development of the cooperation with Eisele. On the basis of the widespread M12 plug connector the two companies have already jointly developed diverse adaptive inserts for integration of bus systems and control technology in the Eisele MULTILINE E series.