Welding applications

Welding applications

Optimal heat dissipation for a good connection

Whether on welding robots, welding tongs or welding systems: Cooling water, welding gases and inert gases must be safely conveyed to their place of use. This requires high flow rates in a compact space. With the LIQUIDLINE Eisele offers the most extensive line of screw-in fittings and coolant connectors on the market.

LIQUIDLINE components are available in dezincification-resistant brass as well as aluminum and stainless steel. Dezincification resistant brass is a specially developed alloy for closed coolant circuits that offers excellent corrosion protection with most water types and in most applications. That makes these connectors the first choice for coolant distribution in welding applications. The LIQUIDLINE connections of Series 2600 and 2400 are designed to withstand high temperatures, and the release sleeve minimises the accumulation of impurities. The screw-in fittings of Series 2500 are ideal for use on welding robots, since they do not become loose even in highly dynamic processes involving movement and vibrations. This makes it possible to prevent failures and production downtimes.

In addition, the MULTILINE ADAPTIV + E, a completely new type of modular kit system for custom multiple media connectors opens up entirely new possibilities for supplying media to robots.

Also important is the use of compatible tubes that are specially designed for the particular conditions of use. In coolant applications for welding processes, it is very important for tubes to be flame retardant in accordance with UL 94 V2 to V0, such as the high-quality ProWeld tubes from Eisele.


Our multi-couplings for connecting multiple lines combine different connection types and media with one single click.

High-quality connectors made of brass, aluminum and stainless steel for open and closed coolant applications


With our MULTILINE CONFIGURATOR you can easily configure your custom MULTILINE connector. The Eisele MULTILINE is a versatile and easy-to-use modular kit system for multiple connectors. It combines multiple tube connections and operating media in one connector. After you start the configurator, all you have to do is select the MULTILINE components that you need in just five easy steps.


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