Food production

Food production

Non-corrosive and hygienic inside and outside

Hygiene, corrosion resistance and good cleanability are the most important requirements for production facilities in the food industry. The quality connections of the Eisele INOXLINE are manufactured of premium quality non-corrosive and acid-resistant stainless steel. Many connections can be almost completely cleaned and are ideal for hygiene-sensitive applications. The stainless steel connectors with minimal dead zones and joints of Series 1600 and 3800 are designed for use with liquid media and are easy to clean, also from the inside.

The stainless steel MULTILINE opens up entirely new possibilities for modular system concepts. The multiple couplings and multiple media connectors of the MULTILINE ADAPTIVE + E series offer an innovative modular kit system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolant, liquids, electronics and electrical wiring in one connector body. A completely modular kit system with adaptive inserts ensures that exactly the connections required for a particular application can be combined in one multiple connector.

For the supply of compressed air the Eisele BASICLINE offers the largest available assortment of push-in fittings, screw-in fittings and accessories.

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“Eisele was able to offer a custom solution with a good cost-effectiveness ratio for our area of application.” Jürgen Osiander, Head of Development and Engineering at ALPMA



MULTILINE multiple connectors in food production

ALPMA Alpenland Maschinenbau GmbH in Rott am Inn delivers its custom machines for cheese production throughout the world. Eisele helped ALPMA to optimise pneumatic connectors and to improve their hygiene, handling and operational reliability.

The challenge

ALPMA was in search of a better connecting option for the exchangeable format sets of a cutting machine for cutting cheese into portions. Previously, up to four pneumatic connections were connected by single coded connectors that easily became entangled and were difficult to tell apart. The new solution required the following features:

  • Hygienic design
  • Reliable sealing of both connection sides in open state
  • Prevention of incorrect connections
  • Robust and user-friendly design

The solution

Eisele developed a custom stainless steel version of the MULTILINE multiple connectors. They bundle the pneumatic connections in one connector. The multiple connectors have separate coding pins. They can be connected in only one position, therefore preventing incorrect connections. The connector is locked by means of the format set and not by the connector itself. Eisele developed this custom solution especially for ALPMA.


The multiple and multi-media connectors of Eisele’s MULTILINE provide connections for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolant, liquids, electronics and electrical wiring in one connector body. In addition to combined concepts, complete solutions are also possible for electrical and electronic connections. For use in food processing, all parts are manufactured from stainless steel and the seals are fully FDA-compliant.

  • Working pressure: 0 to 16 bar
  • Temperature: -20 °C to +120 °C
  • Multiple connections in one connector
  • Incorrect connections prevented by integrated coding
  • Shorter machine set-up times
  • Easy assembly; no tools required
  • Robust and durable
  • Material: stainless steel 1.4301

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