Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering

Dependable cooling performance in electrical engineering

With the LIQUIDLINE, made of dezincification-resistant brass, Eisele offers the most comprehensive line of components for closed coolant applications. Series 2500 of the Eisele LIQUIDLINE for coolant circuits comprises screw-in fittings with full nominal diameter. It can be used wherever heat accumulation has to be dissipated quickly, for example in power electronic systems.

To prevent short circuits and major damage to electrical systems, the coolant installation must be absolutely and permanently leak-proof. The seal used in the patented screw-in connection technology of Series 2500 provides maximum tube stability. Series 2400 push-in fittings with a release sleeve and two built-in seals can even reliably handle pressures above 16 bar. Wherever coolant has to flow through electrical systems, the Eisele LIQUIDLINE presents a high-quality solution.

For maximum cooling performance in power electronic applications the LIQUIDLINE includes the time-proven solid metal screw-in fittings also with a swivelling 90° or 45° elbow as the middle element. The swept screw-in elbows achieved in comparative tests better flow rates than conventional elbow fittings.


High-quality connectors made of brass, aluminum and stainless steel for open and closed coolant applications


With our MULTILINE CONFIGURATOR you can easily configure your custom MULTILINE connector. The Eisele MULTILINE is a versatile and easy-to-use modular kit system for multiple connectors. It combines multiple tube connections and operating media in one connector. After you start the configurator, all you have to do is select the MULTILINE components that you need in just five easy steps.


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