Reliable media lines for every application

Robots, depending on the application, have to be supplied with compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolant or fluids. In these highly dynamic applications, the media connections use flexible tubes whose connections have to be able to withstand frequent movement. Eisele offers the right solutions, including the tube lines, for all of these tasks.

The MULTILINE opens up entirely new possibilities for the connection of functional groups to robots and machines, since it is much easier to install and to handle than comparable connection systems. This modular kit system with adaptive inserts makes it possible to combine exactly the connections required for a particular application, in one multiple connector. Because the completely modular principle allows the combination of different media such as compressed air, vacuum, coolants, liquids, electricity and electronic signals in a single interface. The MULTILINE enables the reliable, efficient and compact connection of single components or complete assemblies in one simple step by means of a single connector for all media. Installation and set-up times are reduced significantly.

The BASICLINE provides the largest available standard assortment of screw-in fittings, push-in fittings and accessories for the supply of compressed air, vacuum and technical gases.

The LIQUIDLINE is available for the distribution of coolants. Especially Series 2500 with its patented screw-in connection technology achieves maximum tube stability and is ideal for movement-intensive applications on robot arms.

The high-quality connections of the INOXLINE are manufactured from non-corrosive and acid-resistant stainless steel. They are suitable for harsh environments, easy to clean and very hygienic.


Multiline for robotic systems for surface processing

SHL AG was one of the first companies to specialize in automated surface processing. The core competencies of the specialist from Böttingen in Baden-Württemberg, which was founded in 1989, include automated grinding, polishing and deburring. For this purpose, SHL develops and manufactures robotic systems with workpiece- and tool-guided applications that are used for diverse and complex automation processes.

The challenge

SHL designs and implements innovative workpiece-guided systems for its customers, among other things. These work with a feed system that directs the workpieces into the workspace of a six-axis industrial robot. With the aid of a gripper system, the robot grips the workpiece and guides it through the machining stations until the grinding, polishing and/or deburring process is completed. The processed workpiece is then set down again and discharged. In search of an optimal connection at the interface between pneumatics and electrics, SHL came across EISELE in 2013.

The solution

For almost 10 years, SHL's plant designers have been using the Eisele MULTILINE ADAPTIV + E modular system for multiple couplings and multi-media couplings in pneumatically actuated workpiece grippers equipped with a manual changing system. With their single or double seals in various designs, the adaptive inserts on the hose side ensure maximum safety and tightness. Coupling and decoupling can be carried out in the shortest possible time and, thanks to the optional shut-off function, can also be performed under pressure. The plug-in connections according to this innovative and flexible modular system are assembled without tools and enable significantly simplified and accelerated mold and format changes.

  Customer quotation

“With this highly user-friendly system, the operating personnel can now change the tube bundle in the systems. That saves a great deal of time, since the employees no longer have to wait for technicians from maintenance.” Production Manager Stallbaum, GKN Walterscheid GmbH



These robust standard components offer an enormous variety of shapes for pneumatics in industry and technology

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel push-in fittings for demanding operating conditions and operating media

Our multi-couplings for connecting multiple lines combine different connection types and media with one single click.

High-quality connectors made of brass, aluminum and stainless steel for open and closed coolant applications


With our MULTILINE CONFIGURATOR you can easily configure your custom MULTILINE connector. The Eisele MULTILINE is a versatile and easy-to-use modular kit system for multiple connectors. It combines multiple tube connections and operating media in one connector. After you start the configurator, all you have to do is select the MULTILINE components that you need in just five easy steps.


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