Fast connection and release with a flick of the wrist

The brass quick-release couplings from Eisele allow the fast and toolless connection and disconnection of compressed air tubes under pressure, for pneumatic tools in industrial, trade and technological applications. They are so user-friendly that the connection can be established with one hand. Plug nipples with an integrated check valve prevent pressure losses and accidents from escaping air. The plug nipple is swivel-mounted in the connector. Despite the small size, the quick-release couplings feature a high flow rate and a rugged design for a long life. For use in harsh ambient conditions or with corrosive media and fluids, we manufacture our quick-release couplings of stainless steel 1.4404. For more information, please refer to the section on accessories for the INOXLINE.


Quick-release couplings are ideal for fast toolless connection and disconnection of pneumatic tubes under pressure and without pressure loss

  • Temperature: -15 to +70 °C
  • Working pressure: +0.5 to +15 bar
  • Media: Air
  • Material: Brass, black plastic
  • Small size, high flow rate
  • Pivoting plug nipple
  • One-handed connection


Connection: Press plug nipple up to the limit stop into the coupling

Disconnection: Hold plug nipple and push coupling sleeve back

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For fast manual connection and disconnection of pneumatic tubes under pressure, without pressure loss.

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