Stainless steel screw-in-fittings with two seals

This non-corrosive, acid-resistant and easy-to-clean connection system of stainless steel 1.4301/1.4307 is designed for fast connection and disconnection of pneumatic and vacuum tubes in food and pharmaceutical enviroments. The push-in fittings of Series 17A are designed for use with aggressive media and in corrosive environments. Series 17A features an additional seal to enable use at higher pressures.

The robust and dirt-resistant screw-in-fittings of stainless steel combine ease of use, since no tools are required, with an economical design and long life. Series 17A features full flow and an enclosed O-ring, and requires only minimal installation space. The lightweight and compact fittings are available in a wide variety of compatible versions and can be adapted to every individual application.

The practical release sleeve protects the fitting against penetration by impurities and is designed for convenient operation also in dirty condition. The inserted tube is held securely and without damage in the housing by an inner collet.


The robust and dirt-resistant screw-in-fittings that are for ease of use and a long life in demanding ambient conditions

  • Temperature: -20 to +120 °C
  • Working pressure: -0.95 to +24 bar
  • Media: Air, vacuum and fluids
  • Material: Stainless steel 1.4301/1.4307
  • Small, compact, user-friendly, full flow


Assembly: Press release sleeve and insert tube fully into the fitting

Disassembly: Press release sleeve and pull out the tube

Additional information

Our product catalogue provides everything you need to know about the products of Series 17A and the INOXLINE.


The non-corrosive, acid-resistant, and easy-to-clean connection system with special technology for fast connection and disconnection of pneumatic tubes, without the use of tools. Features an additional seal to enable use at high pressures. User-friendly even in case of dirty connections.

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